Monaco, a destination I’ve wanted to go for a very long time especially for the F1 Grand Prix. A few days ago I was there with Suzuki for the launch of their new Swift which is available in 10 colours with full personalisation and will be available in UK and Ireland in June. Our trip started on 19th March where we were staying at the Aviator by Tag hotel in Farnborough which is right by the airport we were departing from, Farnborough Airport. Yes Suzuki had arranged a private charter flight for this trip which is was pretty cool as it was my first time on a charter flight and it definitely was much easier to travel than at a normal international airport. At the Aviator we had a delicious dinner and drinks in the evening which was great as I could catch up with the Suzuki team as the last time I saw them was at the end of last year in Rome.

The morning began pretty early as breakfast was at 07.00am and the flight was departing at 08.45. The ease of travel is far greater at an airport where you have your own plane so everything was pretty smooth and speedy. Once arriving at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport Business Centre there was a short briefing about the new car and I was then introduced to Suzuki’s photographer Terry Paul. Myself and Terry set off to our lunch stop which was in Mougins in a stunning grey Swift where we made regular stops for photos like in Provence Alpes Côte d’azur where the views were magical. I preferred Terry to drive so I could take scenery photos and videos for Instagram. Although I did briefly drive the car and it for sure is a nice drive – my first car was a Swift so I can most definitely tell the difference in improvement. We then made our way to the Marriott Riviera Hotel in Monaco which was the main event hotel – we also made photo stops on the way. In the evening was a press conference followed by cocktails and then finished off with a stunning dinner at the A’Trego restaurant which is located in the water.

A huge thank you to the Suzuki team for looking after me on this really cool trip to Monaco and it was a pleasure working with Terry who is a very talented photographer. It was pretty easy working with Terry as we both have similar styles and we can both adapt to one another.