Hola Malaga! My favourite destination from my 2 week journey with Royal Caribbean. This place is truly magical and has made me want to move here for a few months. Whilst exploring the main high street in Malaga I glanced to my right and saw Gibralfaro Castle, instantly I stopped and diverted towards this stunning building with my photographer. We knew it was pretty steep to climb and it was 35 degrees, we still were determined to get right to the top and create breath-taking imagery from the top of Malaga. You had a 360 degree view of Malaga from the top of Gibralfaro Castle and the views were just so incredible. My outfit for Malaga was pretty a mix and match, an army green t-shirt, black boots, denim jeans and a denim shirt. As many of you already know I love wearing layers, however in 35 degree heat it really was impossible to wear the denim shirt so instead I put it around my waist which still creates a layered outfit.