Last week I was back in Milan, Italy doing a 5 day appearance and this time I had the pleasure of taking my NUBO monitoring camera along with me. When I’m abroad working with brands I always know that my belongings are safe in the hotel however it is always great to take extra care of the things you love – and this camera does just that. Nubo by Panasonic is the world’s first mobile monitoring camera with 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi which is of course ideal for travelling. I use my Nubo at home and whilst travelling – at home it is used to protect and monitor my home and also whilst travelling it is used to protect my belongings in the hotel room. However, I have also used this camera for my content creation and I’ve taken selfies as it has an amazing 130 degree wide angle view in HD. My footage captured on the camera can be stored either on cloud or externally on a SD card.

One of my favourite features of the NUBO has to be the two-way audio – this feature is incredible and fun as when I am out of the home I can communicate through video chat with family and friends who are in my home at that moment in time. My second favourite feature is the NUBO app which is very easy to use and you can capture live photos from a single tap which can be used for surveillance record purposes or to capture fun content such as selfies.

Below are some interesting NUBO specs:
– Connect anytime and anywhere
– Inrfared night vision
– Two-Way audio
– Smart object detection
– Camera offline and online notifications