Just recently I worked on a project with Audi for the launch of their new Audi Q2 and this time I was given an Audi A3 Sportback S Line to enjoy for a week. This car is absolutely stunning from the exterior to the interior. The layout of the dashboard is just like the Q2 so I was familiar with everything. The design and finish of the car is so sleek, classy and elegant which definitely fits my style. Before having the car I already knew where I wanted to create my content and the idea was to drive it far away from London and up in the hills – the location was Uffington. The drive was a good 2 hours each way, however neither myself or my photographer/videographer Victor were complaining as the A3 is very comfortable with the heated leather and cloth seats. Throughout the time I had the car it felt as if I was driving a Q2 because of how spacious it is on the inside.

This car comes in many colours and engine sizes, I had the Daytona Grey 2.0 TDI which is efficient, picks up speed fairly quickly and has a smooth drive. At the end of this post there is a video which I created as part of a campaign for Aurum Brothers who are a brand that specialises in luxury bracelets. In the video you will see two of my favourite features of this car; the Audi virtual cockpit and the sweeping LED signal indicators. These two features really standout and make a statement as they are new to the scene and are not in many other cars.

Below are some interesting A3 Sportback S Line specs:
– Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
– Electrically adjustable front seats
– Audi Parking System Plus
– Sweeping LED signal indicators
– Virtual Cockpit