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Last week I headed to Tromso, Arctic Norway for another one of my projects with Aurum Brothers who are a luxury bracelet brand that I have been working with for nearly a year now! Tromso is one the most amazing places I’ve visited and it is completely a different world. On this trip I experienced things I have never done before such as reindeer sledging and seeing the magical northern lights. Below is a mini photo diary of the trip including some of the many wrist photos we created.

Monaco, a destination I’ve wanted to go for a very long time especially for the F1 Grand Prix. A few days ago I was there with Suzuki for the launch of their new Swift which is available in 10 colours with full personalisation and will be available in UK and Ireland in June. Our trip started on 19th March where we were staying at the Aviator by Tag hotel in Farnborough which is right by the airport we were departing from, Farnborough Airport. Yes Suzuki had arranged a private charter flight for this trip which is was pretty cool as it was my first time on a charter flight and it definitely was much easier to travel than at a normal international airport. At the Aviator we had a delicious dinner and drinks in the evening which was great as I could catch up with the Suzuki team as the last time I saw them was at the end of last year in Rome.

Last week I was back in Milan, Italy doing a 5 day appearance and this time I had the pleasure of taking my NUBO monitoring camera along with me. When I’m abroad working with brands I always know that my belongings are safe in the hotel however it is always great to take extra care of the things you love – and this camera does just that. Nubo by Panasonic is the world’s first mobile monitoring camera with 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi which is of course ideal for travelling. I use my Nubo at home and whilst travelling – at home it is used to protect and monitor my home and also whilst travelling it is used to protect my belongings in the hotel room. However, I have also used this camera for my content creation and I’ve taken selfies as it has an amazing 130 degree wide angle view in HD. My footage captured on the camera can be stored either on cloud or externally on a SD card.

Bolin Webb
 is a luxury British grooming brand which began in the mountains of Switzerland who have stunningly designed razors and grooming accessories. Design and performance is the core to this luxurious brand – they focus highly on design that is creative, innovative, contemporary and admired. As you may know from my Instagram posts I do not fully clean shave as I prefer to keep a stubble, but there are areas like the cheeks where I do clean shave with a razor or electric shaver to tidy up. Here I have the Bolin Webb X1 Argent Black razor, X1 Stand Argent, Razor Case, Face Balm and Shave Cream. Bolin Webb started with the R1 and R1-S razors with a Mach3 mount. And now their newly released X1 which is designed for the Fusion blades. All the razors are made in England and are covered in a lacquered metal coat which are available in a variety of designs and colours. Bolin Webb is available online and in stores such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges.

Hello beautiful people! This is my first blog post of 2017…a few days ago Suzuki brought me their brand new Vitara S which to be honest I have fallen in love with. So before I fly to Tilburg, Netherlands and Milan, Italy to work on projects I had to make sure I produced some creative content for you all with this stunning all black SUV. My outfit for this project of course had to be all black too. A few months ago I was in Rome, Italy with the awesome team from Suzuki for the launch of their new IGNIS so I am familiar with the brand and I know what to expect from the car.

Earlier this week I was back in Italy which is one of my favourite countries. This is my third trip to Italy this year and this time I was working on a project in Rome with Suzuki for the launch of their new IGNIS which will be released in January 2017. We had an early morning flight from London Heathrow so we stayed at the Sofitel London Heathrow hotel where in the evening we had dinner and drinks. An early night was most definitely needed due to the early morning wake up call at 04.00am. Once we arrived at Rome Fiumicino Airport we had a short walk to The Hilton Hotel for a briefing and to pick up my car. There was a range of different colours all lined up, however my obvious choice was the orange as it most definitely makes a statement. Before this trip, I’ve never driven on the left side of a car and the right side of a road so I knew this would be an adventurous and interesting trip. My first car was a Suzuki Swift which I had for a year so I know what it’s like to drive a Suzuki car. The IGNIS is a unique car which is comfortable to drive, it may look small from the outside but on the inside it is spacious. The car has been beautifully designed, especially the exterior which is stunning!

Just recently I worked on a project with Audi for the launch of their new Audi Q2 and this time I was given an Audi A3 Sportback S Line to enjoy for a week. This car is absolutely stunning from the exterior to the interior. The layout of the dashboard is just like the Q2 so I was familiar with everything. The design and finish of the car is so sleek, classy and elegant which definitely fits my style. Before having the car I already knew where I wanted to create my content and the idea was to drive it far away from London and up in the hills – the location was Uffington. The drive was a good 2 hours each way, however neither myself or my photographer/videographer Victor were complaining as the A3 is very comfortable with the heated leather and cloth seats. Throughout the time I had the car it felt as if I was driving a Q2 because of how spacious it is on the inside.

Hello beautiful people! It’s absolutely freezing here in London. I can’t wait to fly to Rome, Italy in 2 weeks for my project with Suzuki. Before I leave I have to be a #RebelAtHeart and post this collaboration project I recently worked on with Thomas Sabo. This is one of my favourite brands, the jewellery is just so stunning. Jewellery is definitely my best friend, I’m sure many of you already know that my love for jewellery is never ending. I wear a watch and 5 rings as part of my daily signature look.

Ciao beautiful people. I hope you are all doing well! For the last 4 days I have been in Naples, Italy with the Italian Trade Commission from the Italian Embassy doing an appearance at ‘Naples Meets The World’ which is an international event at Stazione Marittima  to promote fashion in the South Regions of Italy (Campania, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily). The type of brands that will be exhibiting are; apparel, fashion accessories, leather and fur apparel, leather goods, shoes and gloves. For this post I wanted to create a photo journal which I believe is the most interesting way of showcasing a travel post. I was hosted by the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples which is located in a stunning location by the sea front overlooking Castel del’Ovo. My locational outfit imagery in this post have been taken by Italian photographer Vicenzo Noletto and there are also photos which I took personally using VSCO of my time in Naples.

Before I leave UK for my 4 day appearance in Naples, Italy next week I had the pleasure of collaborating with Audi on a special project over the last few days – the launch of their brand new Audi Q2.  The location for this launch was at The Wilderness Reserve in Suffolk which is an amazing location with acres of land consisting of breath-taking views. The first evening started off with drinks and mouth-watering canapés which was swiftly followed on by a 3 course meal.

Hola beautiful people! For the last 2 weeks I have been on an amazing adventure with Royal Caribbean in the Mediterranean. The locations which I was lucky to visit were: Gibraltar, Cartagena, Barcelona, Mallorca, Malaga, Valencia, Cadiz and Lisbon. One of my previous articles was all about my preparation of this trip and the key essentials that I was packing. This article consists of imagery of my trip taken by my photographer Victor Kovachev and images which I took myself on my phone using VSCO.

My experience of Lisbon with Royal Caribbean was kindly organised by Salt of Portugal who had written up an article for me to follow where they recommended how to spend 10 hours in Lisbon. Lisbon was another city I’ve always wanted to visit, this is a stunning city I had planned to visit next year however I was fortunate that this was one of the stops during the trip. From my suite balcony on the ship I could see all the local traffic. There was loads of cars and pedestrians due to the ongoing road works in the city. Lisbon is known for being hilly and I certainly experience walking up and down many hills during my visit. The architecture is astonishing, especially the Jerónimos Monastery which looks beautiful from every angle. Like the previous day in Cadiz my outfit for Lisbon was also pretty casual and similar. I left my caps in my room and decided to take in some sun before coming back to London.

The weather in Cadiz during my trip with Royal Caribbean was perfect for the location I wanted to shoot in, there were no clouds to be seen which worked well with the palm trees and the shining blue sky. Cadiz is a beautiful city with white buildings and vibrance rooftops. I made some great friends during the trip from the ship and we decided to hang out and explore Cadiz together as the trip was almost coming to an end. The centre of Seville is a 50-60 minute drive from Cadiz, I would highly recommend you to read Road Less Forked’s article on ‘What To Do In Seville in a Day’ to find out about all the hotspots. My outfit yet again consisted of a number of pieces. This was a very casual look with the jeans rolled up and ankles out.

Hola Malaga! My favourite destination from my 2 week journey with Royal Caribbean. This place is truly magical and has made me want to move here for a few months. Whilst exploring the main high street in Malaga I glanced to my right and saw Gibralfaro Castle, instantly I stopped and diverted towards this stunning building with my photographer. We knew it was pretty steep to climb and it was 35 degrees, we still were determined to get right to the top and create breath-taking imagery from the top of Malaga. You had a 360 degree view of Malaga from the top of Gibralfaro Castle and the views were just so incredible. My outfit for Malaga was pretty a mix and match, an army green t-shirt, black boots, denim jeans and a denim shirt. As many of you already know I love wearing layers, however in 35 degree heat it really was impossible to wear the denim shirt so instead I put it around my waist which still creates a layered outfit.

Biking through Valencia with Royal Caribbean will be a memory that will stay with me forever. I’ve always wondered why the Spanish are so good at football, whilst biking around this beautiful city I rode passed 8 football pitches within 3 miles. I’ve never seen so many football pitches within a short distance. We started biking around 09.00am and the parks were full of people biking, jogging and exercising. I was stunned as to how many people keep healthy and active in Spain. The morning started off pretty greyish so I had to have my jacket with me although it was slightly humid. I wanted to go for a classy yet casual biker look with the jacket, jeans and cap worn backwards. The mirrored sunglasses really gave some vibrance to my outfit and worked well with the imagery I produced once the clouds started to clear later in the day.

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